The donald Trump disaster

Its hard to vote especially now, with the candidates we have.But i am definetly Hilary all the way.And i want you to really look at who would really be in our best intrest.Trump has so many issues people.His temper is ridicoulous, His lies are all over the place.There like a big wave that will come crashing down on us all.Destroying everything we have.While his will be safe and standing.This man does not care about us.He wants fame only.This is not a joke this is serious this is our country and we have to do whats right to protect it.You may not like hilary but we need hilary,She knows more about politics than trump does.She has the experience we can give her 4 yrs.That worth having trump being a disaster.Him as president will have us at war with russia,china,cuba,mexico.Are you ready for that.because if you are.You will be a part of Trumps disaster.And there will be no united states.Give me 5 things you like about both candidates and 5 what you dont like.Thanks bloggers.


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