bullying in our society

Ive always hated bullys.they come i all sorts os sizes.color. shapes.I used to stand up to bullies when i was in grammer school.High school.I was only 4’9 i was short and yes i could fight.lol.I see somebody picking on people i would always surprise people with my shortness that i had no fear.I just knew bulkying was wrong.its sad thst this bulkying gors on and on.When a little kid tells me he scared to go to school or kids make fun of him because of how they look is so sad.I believe that we need to go to these schools more let them watch videos of wgat bullying does to a young mind.Kids should not have to go througj that every day.Say no too bullying stand strong against bullys.Bullys can be older people too.Stand up against bullys togther.No matter what a bully say too you always know you are not him and that you are somebody.


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