How many people do you know have great ideas but do not have the finance to get it started? There is so many companies that will charge a person way too mich money .First of all you explain you do not have it to give but your idea is so great that they wont even get you a start.Before i started blogging I had this mind set on helping people.So i came up with monstamind its wete ideas count and businesses grow..it was going to be a social net work for anybody with ideas.INVENTORS. people that enjoy helping others.I wanted this to be a site were i could help your ideas come to reality.If you wanted to get your own small business started we would help.if you had an idea that you want out.ee would help in that too.If you had talent we would introduce it to the world.Having ideas is what helps us survive.Becoming a ceo of your own company would feel so good.Well i could never get monstamind off an running.I never gave up.but now im blogging.im also a inventer and been to several companies that tried to charge me way too much money.so i left it alone.im trying to get my new coffee creamers in the market.i figure one day it will happen.So to all the inventors and entrepenuers out there dont give up.be a voice for us all with ideas.Maybe we can build our own community business and work together and not do business with those that turned their backs on us.If you had a bad experience with your idea.blog me blog others.Stand up an know your idea is great.if you enjoy helping others blog us here.Im here for you.Ir email me jeffchamberlain83@gmail.com.Thanks


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