Sometimes when im out driving or just walking i always see people with signs saying they ate veterans.Don’t get me not all veterans are in the same position as most veterans.I always pull over and i ask questions of their situation and they will feel proud to tell you how they fought in the war.They feel really good about how they fought for our country.Then i always get this sad feeling afterwards, Why are American heroes on the street Living in parks.Asking for money fir help with bills or just to get a room and something too eat.These men and women fought in wars vietnam vets.iraq vets, the list goes on an on

I love and enjoy helping the homeless but when you hear from some that they were veterans it really hits you.What is our country doing.Do we forget those that sacrificed themselves for us.There needs to be some hope for our veterans.In my opinion if you are a veteran in any war you should have free housing and health care.and your check.You should not be forgotten as if your sacrificed meant nothing to us.I Salute all veterans i give you all respect and i also Aplogize for how you are treated.You put your life in line for us in times of war.People should not drive past you.The bible says help your brother and family.Human race is family just with diffrences.But we are all the same and i will continue to do my best to help and let you know that no matter what, That you are a Hero and deserve respect, Love, Honor for what you sacrificed.Thank you fir listening and reading because this is a big issue in every city stste and town.Government you need to stand by your veterans as well…..!!!!!!!.I SALUTE ALL VETRANS.


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