Watch “Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill”  Why would the senate do that.That is so wrong for them too block a bill like that.


5 thoughts on “Watch “Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill” 

    1. Yes thank you i enjot fitness and ill read your blogs thanks for likeing mine as well.We both have great topics health and world topics.We need both.They both help us physically mentally spiritually.Stay fit have a healthy body mind and soul.Helping others keep you feeling good as well.

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      1. Yes, I did noticed how we both have good topics on our blogs, which means we probably have some similarities. I like that. Sorry if my reply comes late, I normally don’t get on my blog during the weekend to give my brain a break. lol. I like to take time away, so I can be fresh for Monday.
        I would have to agree though, as much as I want to help people physically, mentally is just as important and for many others, spiritually is also very important.


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        1. Yea i answer blogs late i get busy doing stuff I try to stay on my schedule but it changes and i get tired.I see i got blogs and then im like i will answer them then i get back to doing what im doing loose Im sure we are not the only ones..Yea we do have similarities..

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