USA Today: 5 things you need to know Thursday

From USA Today

5 things you need to know Thursday

Trump and Obama to meet at the White HouseIt’s time to hug it out and accept reality: Two men who attacked each other vociferously during the long campaign are expected to meet Thursday when President-elect Donald Trump arrives at the White House for transition planning with President Obama. In a statement at the White House, Obama asked his staff to work toward a smooth transition, just as President George W. Bush and his team did for them eight years ago. He called the peaceful transfer of power “one of the hallmarks of our democracy.”Trump University fraud allegations still haunt the president-electWith 75 or so still-open lawsuits involving himself and his businesses. President-elect Donald Trump will be bringing some legal baggage with him into the White House. There is a hearing scheduled Thursday in one of the class-action lawsuits brought by former Trump University students, who say Trump’s company ripped them off for tens of thousands of dollars in tuition for a sham real-estate course. The Trump University cases are among the most serious remaining lawsuits as the businessman assumes the presidency because they involve allegations of fraud and racketeering.


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