A changed world and death welcomes us.

I want to share my story of when I was 6,7 years old.I was always admired by the world and how it works.The stars and the moon and dark sky was so peaceful too me.Instead of being sleep I would be looking out at the night sky with a smile on my face and wondering is this how it suppose to be.Is there more to it so I used my imagination of being in space and the heavens looking down at all of us.Wishing I could and see everything.I would even pray for the world back then.I would God keep the world safe and all the people around the world.It made me feel good to do that,then I started noticing wars.Why is this? Is this what is too come in the future?I look back at all those times and I still see wars.What is it about mankind that war is the problem silver.This is a changed world.Very brutal and very tormenting of the mind.Is the end of our human existence coming soon.What’s wrong with talking of course we all have disagreements.But we should still be able to shake hands and talk another day.At least we are alive and no children or innocent people are being killed.Its so sad that children have to grow up and see guns and wars everyday.What kind of life is that.Look into those eyes and see their pain.Listen to their story and all they will speak on is war and fear.Most dont fear death any more because they are so close to it daily.They are actually speaking to death as if Its a friend.So innocent we were all babies once.Did human kind forget their childhood.Being held and love by their family.What happen to the love and peace this world used to have.When we are born into this world we know nothing its just peaceful we dont know anything around.That’s how its suppose to be all the time.But as we get older and understand more our eyes open and say is this really going on on our planet.Buildings being turned into rubble and most have families eating and children sleeping.God has to be very upset with us.So many generations have passed and we still see hate and wars.What is wrong with the human race.Is death our friend as if deaths arms are always open to pull us into the dark emptiness.There is a lot of good beautiful people in the world that do try to sacrifice for mankind but it takes us all to have a safe world.Think of your childhood and the love you had being held.There’s kids that will never get that because their parents died on front of them.Their is parents that has held a lifeless child body that they have once loves.They will no longer see their child smile or answer the questions kids like to ask.They will never hear their child laughter or giggle when their happy.Apr hug them and wipe their years when they are sad.So innocent are babies, Kids,children.And no hope or care for them of they face war and death everyday.If they are soon then we all may be soon as well.Children are the future and I know they prayed like I did when was a child.Its really sad too see the Aleppo and the things kids have to face.All over the war kids face this Why? Why should they have to suffer because of greed and power.Why? Some of these Leaders need to sit down and look into each childs eyes if their dead or alive and ask is it worth it.These Leaders need to even sit and talk to each child of their dead its their story of why.dog they are alive the child will probably say why? What did we do to deserve our country and family to have pain and death.Why? Those children eyes have lost most of their innocence from seeing so much violence.with that I will close for now.Thanks for reading and helping.bloggers united as one 🌎 world.


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